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Wonder Con 2018: Justice League Dark lineup revealed and news on Dr. Fate

Justice League was weirdly one of the frequently disappointing books of DC Rebirth. The lineup was filled with A-listers, but it never clicked. DC clearly has put a lot of effort into rebuilding the Justice League brand. Today at Wonder Con 2018, DC announced a new Justice League book — Justice League Dark. And it looks magical. Sorry, I promised myself just one bad pun in this one.

justice league dark

I was bummed James Tynion IV was going to be stepping down from Detective Comics, but this is a pretty great gig. And he’s bringing one of his frequent Detective collaborators Alvaro Martinez in as the artist. Raul Fernandez will be on board as inker and Brad Anderson handles the colors. That’s a pretty stacked creative team.


This is an interesting lineup. Wonder Woman seems like an odd choice initially, but since she’s used to dealing with mythical creatures her inclusion actually makes a lot of sense.

justice league dark wonder woman. jpg

Zatanna returning to a prominent role makes me happy as I’ve always found her to be such an interesting and underutilized character. I love how Martinez actually wrote the info backwards as a nod to Zatanna.

justice league dark zatanna.jpg

Swamp Thing and Detective Chimp also fit in that neglected category. And Man-Bat seems like the character to fill that Clayface spot from the Detective Run of a former villain turned hero.

I’m kinda surprised Constantine isn’t part of this team and it’s also unusual in that there’s no white or black guys on the roster. And this seemed like a great place to slot Frankenstein onto a team. His appearances in Superman were really fun.

Tynion did comment on Twitter about some of the omissions and teased another character who will be prominently featured even if they’re not a member of the team.

James Tynion IV (@JamesTheFourth) Twitter

Photo Credit: DC Comics