Jessica Jones AKA Playland review S2 E13

I’m really not sure if AKA Playland left me infuriated or respectful of the bowling ball style shattering to the series’ status quo. Either way it was a memorable conclusion to what was often a disappointing and underwhelming season.

Jessica wakes up in the RV to get Alisa’s pitch on the two going on the run together as a superheroic Thelma & Louise. There was some great dialogue in this exchange with Jessica saying Alisa is insane and Alisa responding you’re my cure. Alisa has been the best addition to the series in how she stirs up different emotions from Jessica and subsequently giving Krysten Ritter so many great moments to shine.

For a moment, Alisa and Jessica’s delusion seems like it could actually come together. Then, they spot a big accident on the highway. Alisa is hyped about the possibility of traveling around the world helping people.


After all, they’re the two most powerful women in the world. I immediately bristled at that notion, but realized the only competition in this category is Scarlet Witch. Black Widow and Wasp probably wouldn’t match up to them even with their poorly defined power levels.

But the family left a cell phone in the RV and Costa has tracked them down. He still wants to help Jessica though and isn’t so stubborn as trying to lump her in with Alisa. Costa is treated much better than a lot of cops on these shows as he’s able to compartmentalize his anger over Alisa killing Sunday and not carry it over to Jessica. She’s in too deep to stop now of course and even Alisa realizes she’s taking her daughter down with her.

Trish wakes up and immediately goes into wanting to help Jessica mode. I can’t think of another character this season on any show who has been written as terrible as Trish. She’s been crummy and trashy all season to literally everyone and now she wants to help someone? Costa is honestly trying to help and asks Trish if she has any idea where Jessica and Alisa would go.

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Playland also rushes through to wrap the Hogarth and Malcolm subplots. Thanks to Malcolm recording her partner, Hogarth now has a bigger settlement to start her own firm. So essentially Hogarth’s storyline boiled down to a rich woman getting richer. Nice.

Malcolm got a haircut and a new gig as Pryce’s associate. If you can feel sympathetic for anyone it definitely has to be Malcolm. He’s only tried to look out for his friends, but this season has worn on him so now he’s as bitter and cynical as Jessica.

You don’t have to ask if any of Jessica’s supporting cast is better off from the start of the season. They’re all in much worse shape. Not that Jessica is much better…

Alisa and Jessica go to Playland, the amusement park they’d go to all the time when Jessica was younger. Finally, Alisa gets that her actions have cost her a happy ending.


On the Ferris wheel, Jessica and Alisa are having another great moment. Their conversations have been really touching and heartfelt. This one ends with a shock as Alisa gets killed courtesy of Trish. Man, if I didn’t hate her enough, this seals it.

Jessica nearly takes her out, but instead returns to her mother’s dead body. Ritter fully deserves an Emmy nomination for her work this season and this moment was another shining example.

Trish tries to make good with Jessica later, but Jessica correctly says ‘When I look at you now and all I see is the person who killed my mother.’ But hey Trish has powers now so it was all worth it, right?

With all of her longtime relationships shattered, Jessica starts establishing a new one and joins Oscar and Vido for dinner. It’s a start.

File Closed: AKA Playland wrapped Jessica Jones’ second season on a fitting downer note that shows the consequences of destructive behavior.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

As a whole this season lacked the same punch as Season 1. Alisa wasn’t so much a villain as a tragic character. I’m not entirely convinced that Trish wasn’t the big villain as she fractured and further screwed over her friends for her own selfish whims. And this season in general would have benefited from less filler subplots with the supporting characters and fewer episodes.

Season Rating: 8 out of 10