Kick-Ass #2 review

Kick-Ass #2 review by Da’Mon Guy

The talented tandem of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. are at it again. The duo has reunited to breathe life into the latest version of everyone’s favorite ‘everyman’ hero, The new series of KickAss returns to comics with a new female lead.

It’s a hardcore, pragmatic and adult-themed narrative that tells the origin story of the newest person to don the mask of KickAss. The book takes a real-world approach to the genre. Not the larger than life perspective that is often associated with comic book characters.

Kick-Ass #2 begins with our reluctant hero attempting to set the stage for the real-life view on the world in the attempts to set the stage for the comics ‘Don’t believe what you see in the movies’ she states as she goes to describe exactly how different a movie situation would be from the real life one she is tasked with.

The new KickAss is a woman Patience Lee. She’s got far more responsibility and doesn’t have the grand idealism that Dave Lizewki had. In fact, she everything he’s not. Patience’s original motivation for donning the KickAss persona is to get the money she needs to take of her overwhelming responsibilities. To solve her money problems, she’s taken a ‘Robin Hood’ like approach to her task. She steals money from thugs then gives to those in need.


Kick-Ass #2 dives right and begins amid one of our hero’s ‘Robin Hoodesque’ outings. Most of the action has already occurred but this scene grants us great perspective on the comic as well as her motivations for the task.

Millar’s writing is exquisite. He simultaneously expresses the character and tells an engaging story that makes the reader sympathetic to her. As the narrative unfolds, you can see our soon to be hero begin to embrace her calling to do justice. She’s constantly attempting to fight it, even telling herself that ‘I’m not a superhero,’ but all for naught. The story has great pacing.

Romita Jr’s visual aren’t as enjoyable. The pencils serve their purpose and tell the story well, but it isn’t easy on the eyes. Despite the lackluster visuals, Kick-Ass #2 is a great read.

The story ends in the manner of so man of the origin stories of others, it teases what’s to come and gives the readers the first look at the birth of our new hero. Bring on issue #3. Long live KickAss!

Rating: 8 out of 10

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