Vs #2

Vs issue #2 By: Da’Mon Guy

VS is a sci-fi based, action-oriented narrative that takes place in the very distant future. The story is mostly very inconsistent but follows a warrior, Lt. Satta Flynn, into a heated battle against their enemy, The Empire of the New Day, in a battle for territory. It was created, written and penciled by the tandem of Ivan Brandon and Esad Ribic.           

The highlight of this issue is the artwork. Esad Ribic’s pencils are great. They are sharp and clear. As you turn the page, each panel films like a scene from a big budget film. The setting for the story really comes to life because of the magnificent work of Ribic. However, despite the great visual appeal of the comic, VS doesn’t grab you. The narrative is does not measure up to the great visual aesthetic.


The inconsistencies of the writing really hamper the enjoyment of the comic. The early part of this issue really doesn’t connect well with the main story of this issue. Maybe Ivan Brandon is foreshadowing some aspects of the story that will be revealed in a later issue. But for this one, it nearly loses the reader until our hero, Flynn, makes his appearance.

VS_#2 cover

Once Flynn appears, the intensity raises exponentially. A heated battle explodes onto the pages. The action is fast and intense. It feels just like you’ve been submerged in an action story.

VS doesn’t have that widespread appeal. It’s for a specific readership. Despite the glaring flaws within the story, if you are a fan of sci-fi then VS gives you enough to at least hang around a couple of issues. It’s got a good foundation that gives you enough to pique the readers curiosity about Flynn and the world around him.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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