WWE Elite 49 Apollo Crews figure review

Apollo Crews is one of those who should be dominating NXT instead of floundering as a Raw mid-carder. He’s got the talent and seeming desire to excel, but he won’t ever get a chance on the flagship show. Maybe just so I could play fantasy booker and restore some of his luster, I grabbed the Elite 49 Apollo Crews. He’d been on my eventual list and when I caught a deal, it was time to pick him up. Let’s see if this figure can reach the skies.

Package:  I’m already ready to start buying newer Elite figures. The packaging looks great. This model wasn’t bad, but it was long since time for a change especially since this setup did nothing to explain the character.

wwe elite 49 apollo crews figure review - on one knee

Likeness:  Mattel did a pretty good job on Crews’ head sculpt, but it’s missing something to be a killer likeness. Crews does tend to smile most of the time so that was a smart choice for him. Given his role on Raw, I doubt we’ll see him in the regular figure rotation so it was important that Mattel got him right the first time. Parts-wise, Mattel choice correctly as Crews looks appropriately muscular and stocky.


Scale:  Crews clocks in at 6’1” putting him taller than Finn Balor at 5’11”and shorter than the 6’3” Roman Reigns. Apollo is about the same height as Balor, which isn’t a big problem.

wwe elite 49 apollo crews figure review - scale with finn balor, tyler breeze and samoa joe

Paint:  No complaints about Crews’ skin tone. This looks to be a pretty exact match. The tight design is more complicated upon closer inspection and the paint work is solid. The wrist tape is the right around the length Crews wraps them.

Articulation:  There’s no major restrictions in terms of Crews’ move set. You’d be better off watching his footage from NXT to have a better sense of what he’s capable of however.

wwe elite 49 apollo crews figure review - missle dropkick to finn balor

Crews has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle


Accessories:  Crews gets two shirts although neither are the preferred version. One is a Crews T-shirt featuring his signature shirt. The second is a classic NXT shirt.

wwe elite 49 apollo crews figure review - holding up both shirts

Having options is great and while typically I hate the plastic shirts, these are fine in capturing his look without being too bulk or restrictive.

wwe elite 49 apollo crews figure review - accessories in tray

Crews also has the goofy backdrop that consistently looks terrible. Maybe someone likes these, but I continue to not be a fan.

Worth it?  I got Crews on a ridiculous Amazon sale for $8. He’s not a terrible figure, but on a degree of difficulty level, he was easy for Mattel. Without some highly demanded accessory and given the worthless T-shirts, under $10 is a fair price.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Apollo might not be getting his due in WWE, but Mattel definitely did right by his first Elite figure. We might not get another Apollo Elite, but this figure won’t need upgrading for a while.

wwe elite 49 apollo crews figure review - posing in the corner

Where to Get It?  I’ve seen the remnants of Elite 49 at Target a lot. Toys R Us seems moved on to Elite 51 so they might not be the best place to track him down. Or you could hold out for another big deal on Amazon.