The Walking Dead Do Not Send Us Astray review S8 E13

A lot of characters had to act really stupid for Do Not Send Us Astray to come together. Even then, I’m not totally convinced this episode of The Walking Dead really worked.

Things started off promising with Simon leading The Saviors to The Hilltop. Simon’s mission statement? Conclusion, not infection. Maybe you disagree with his tactics, but Simon is certainly decisive.

Morgan tends to be a divisive character, but he’s one of the more realistic in that he’s coming with PTSD in the midst of war. It’s highly unlikely that he’d be the only one to be dealing with mental stress. This week he was having visions of dead Savior underboss Gavin telling him it was his fault.

the-walking-dead-do not send us astray review siddiq and rick

The show is now starting to have a running joke of introducing disposable medical folks just to kill them off. No one ever mentioned this doctor/nurse who was giving Siddiq the blues about his medical resume. Her introduction was so random it just seemed inevitable she was solely introduced to get killed off.

I really liked this round of the Saviors/Hilltop war. With Negan and Rick off the board for the moment, it was on to Simon and Maggie to lead their respective armies. Maggie was not shockingly more disciplined and stuck to the plan while Simon casually waltzed in like they owned Hilltop. Maybe when Gregory was the leader, but now Maggie Rhea is running things and Simon will have to do what she says. And hey, Jesus is back!


Simon had a bead on Tara, but Dwight ‘saved’ her by clipping her shoulder with an arrow. Of course in the aftermath, Daryl is back on his ‘arrrgh hate Dwight arrrgh’ routine. It’s frustrating that Daryl can’t even fathom the possibility that Dwight is still operating as the Hilltop mole and trying to take the Saviors down from within. The Hilltop gets the W this round when Rick and Morgan arrive to turn the tide. But is it really a win?

the-walking-dead-do not send us astray review jerry

At least Maggie and Rick stay on point with wanting to kill Negan. Course they probably should start considering that the other Saviors can be just as problematic.

It’s a serious toss-up, but the most frustrating aspect of this episode was the complete and utter lack of lookouts/patrols. After The Saviors invaded, why wouldn’t everyone be on high alert or at least sleep in shifts? And why was the front door conveniently open so the now infected hospital walkers could have a buffet? It just seems like on GP when you’re in a world where people can turn into walkers that it’d make good sense to have people making sure folks don’t die in the middle of the night from the wounds after a big battle.

the-walking-dead-do not send us astray review tobin attacking

I can play along with the whole walker blood now suddenly turns people to walkers, but we need some understanding on the turning process. Carl was bit directly by a walker and seemingly went weeks without turning. These guys get a couple of slashes with a knife and they’re walkers overnight???

Idiot Henry is still hellbent on revenge for the Savior who killed his brother. Apparently he decided Morgan and Carol are outright liars and he still needs payback. He steals a gun just lying around as apparently Hilltop doesn’t believe in any kind of gun safety in the middle of a war.

At first Henry seemed like he was smart. He didn’t buy what Gregory was selling at all, but then like a moron, he opened up the pen where the Saviors were captive demanding that the one who killed his brother step up. This was so dumb since there was absolutely no need for him to even get in the pen. Of course he gets overpowered and the Saviors escape. Or at least most of them. Alden has been Team Hilltop ever since they were captured and he stays behind to help deal with the infected Saviors.

the-walking-dead-do not send us astray review rick, carol, maggie and daryl

And because she can’t have even a moment of happiness, Carol has to kill Tobin. In a surprisingly quick amount of time for this crew, they realize the Saviors’ weapons were responsible for turning their friends. Tara seems to take it in stride, but we don’t see her get killed or show any obvious signs like the others. Safe to say that Dwight didn’t use walker gut arrow in his safety shot.

The Hilltop is going to need to end this war soon otherwise they’re going to run out of space in the cemetery.

File Closed: Do Not Send Us Astray had some logistical issues, but the action sequences kept this episode mostly entertaining.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC