DC Comics reviews 3/28/17

Dark Nights Metal #6

dark nights metal #6

I’m not sure if Metal #6 was more of an effective conclusion to one of DC’s liveliest and unpredictable events in years or a primer for the exciting 2018 ahead for DC in general. Either way, it’s an incredible time to be a DC fan.

In this oversized issue, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo wrap up the great Barbatos saga. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl have to lead the charge to rally the Justice League to stop Barbatos from changing reality for good. Barbatos is a mental bully and is all about being a buzzkill to hopes and dreams. He’s the miserable, rotten version of Inside Out’s Sadness saying everything is impossible.

There’s a fantastic line where Snyder writes about exploring the greatest possible mysteries and follow the craziest stories because in the end sometimes it’s the most insane, lunatic journeys that push us past what thought was true…and toward what is possible. It perfectly sums up Metal and the boundary-less nature of this story.

It’s no fun spoiling the big surprises, the unexpected arrivals and final battle. I really appreciate Snyder’s enthusiasm for throwing so many fun elements into this story and how Capullo can conceive it so spectacularly. There’s a handful of more polished artists out there, but I just can’t see any of them bringing the raw energy Capullo provides. By the end I felt like I was on a breakneck last ditch effort to save the world alongside the Justice League. Capullo crafts three splash pages in particular that are incredible and had me grinning like I was seven years old again.

Mikel Janin steps in to complete the epilogue. I liked the length of this wrap up as it allowed Snyder to a large extent, set the table for what’s coming next for the Justice League in particular. Janin was a great choice for this chapter as his clean, straightforward style really shines in dialogue heavy moments.

Too often these big events are a major let down. There’s not enough changes, too many changes and it all gets rendered moot six months from now. Metal #6 builds on the momentum DC has enjoyed since Rebirth and promises the thrills and excitement aren’t done with this book. For DC fans, Metal #6 offers the the hopeful and encouraging message that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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