DC Comics reviews 3/28/17

Detective Comics #977

detective comics #977 cover

Batman Eternal continues exploring the fractured Gotham Knights picking up the pieces and considering their future.

For Tim Drake that means getting a glimpse at his potential future of he doesn’t partner up with an unlikely ally. If Tim lets events continue on their current path, he’s destined to travel the same road as his future self from a potential timeline.
Batwoman is moving ahead with The Colony and she’s not alone. Batman actually manages a smile at renewing a more comfortable team up.

There’s so many directions writer James Tynion IV can go here and it’s a bit disappointing this is his final arc to tackle this new status quo. I’ve been waiting on the eventual comic book resurrection of Clayface, but that doesn’t appear to be forthcoming. His death actually does carry a ton of weight and Tynion isn’t cheapening that impact. Who knew a villain’s death would cause Batman so much grief?

Eddy Barrows, Javier Fernandez and inker Eber Ferreira split the art chores this issue, but it doesn’t flow like an artist by committee read with smooth transitions from one to the other. Fernandez probably should have gotten more work on this title during his Nightwing breaks as his style works well with the darker side of Gotham. Barrows’ work remains impressive with so much detail and terrific emoting from his characters.

Batman Eternal is definitely shaping up to be a memorable final arc for this run of Detective Comics and Tynion is keeping readers guessing exactly how it will end.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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