DC Comics reviews 3/28/17

Hal Jordan and
the Green Lantern Corps #41

hal jordan and the green lantern corps #41 cover

Kneel Before Zod wrapped this issue and writer Robert Venditti was in a tricky position. The story had built nicely for this big confrontation with Hal Jordan representing the Green Lanterns in one final battle against General Zod. While the book is named after him, having Hal beat Zod would be similar to saying Hal could beat Superman. And in no playground battle would anyone give Green Lantern the nod over Superman.

That meant Venditti had to get clever and come up with a scenario where everyone wins. The end result works as both parties get a moral victory and can boast that they got exactly what they wanted from the battle. Venditti unleashes the big guns and aircraft for this fight. I really like how deliberate he is with the various Lanterns and their constructs. Hal tends to stick to a fighter pilot/aerial theme where Kyle is more anime, playful with his and Guy Gardner is more violent and aggressive with his constructs.

This allows for more creativity in how the Lanterns will utilize their constructs that best fit their personality. While it’s a little disappointing that Rafa Sandoval couldn’t complete the arc, Brandon Peterson is a fine fill-in artist and he fully embraces the grand spectacle Venditti has in mind for this finale. It’s been too long since Peterson was working on a high profile book so it was nice to see his work again.

All around, this was a really enjoyable arc that benefited from having the Corps face off against a fresh opponent. Hopefully Venditti explores other DC villains in future stories that aren’t the expected adversaries of Hal and company. That definitely made Kneel Before Zod a fun experience.

Rating: 9 out of 10


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