DC Comics reviews 3/28/17

Teen Titans #18

teen titans #18 cover

It’s ironic that with just a few more issues before the big team shakeup that Teen Titans really seems to have found its way. Writer Benjamin Percy conjures up a story that seems like a modernized take on storylines the original team faced in its early run. Themes like fitting in and belonging never get outdated for teenagers and the old classic stay just as meaningful in 2018 as it did in the 1960s.

Beast Boy is under the sway of Joran, a young woman who’s not quite as altruistic as he thinks. But she treats him in a manner very different from his Teen Titans teammates, allowing her to get a foothold when the team comes to bust up her biohack scheme. This is a pretty simple story, but it largely works for that same reason. There’s no complicated relationships to work through or long running plot points. It’s just the Teen Titans in action trying to help out other teens.


Scot Eaton’s pencils aren’t the flashiest we’ve seen in the series, but they’re solid thanks to Eaton’s strength as a storyteller. One of the few disappointing reveals of the future direction of DC is that this lineup of Teen Titans won’t be continuing, which is unfortunate as they’re just now starting to feel like a real unit. Percy finally seems like he has a handle on everyone’s voices and how they can play off of each other. There’s even the nod to the Wolfman/Perez era with Wally being infatuated with Raven.

While it won’t last much longer, at least Percy and Eaton are giving this roster a fun curtain call.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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