DC Comics reviews 3/28/17

The Silencer #3

the silencer #3 cover

The Silencer keeps delivering on insane over the top shootout superhero action. This is an incredibly fun title that is working hard to earn its readership.

Set up by her former allies, Honor Guest has to escape the assassin wholesale warehouse using every piece of hardware at her disposal and hey…is that a tank?

Writer Dan Abnett is coming up with some creative scenarios that seem right in place for a new John Wick adventure or the latest spectacle action sequence in a James Bond film. These aren’t the kind of action scenes we’d find in the standard superhero comic and The Silencer has just enough powers to give her a slight tactical advantage. The rest is completely up to her skills with any available weapon.

It’s been impressive seeing how Abnett incorporates the anything goes creative nature of superhero mayhem to an assassin story. Even with the various devices Honor uses is helping to make this title stand out from anything else DC is currently producing.


This might have been too much chaotic action for John Romita Jr. to handle. His artwork is very hard to follow this issue during the shootout sequences. That seems more to do with the amount of characters involved and a struggle to cleanly stage the movements. It was very unclear as to what Honor was fighting as her Romita draws them as if they’re robots or cyborgs. The only other complaint with the action is that Romita always tends to get overindulgent with blood and draws it too excessively for someone to still function in a fight gushing that much blood.

With the action dialed down some, Romita’s solid framing and storytelling re-emerges and the intensity of the moment is easily conveyed.

This book was already shaping up to be something special and then Abnett and Romita crank up the intensity to 15 with another familiar DC face joining the mix for next issue. If you’re not reading this book, you’re missing one of DC’s next big hits.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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