DC Comics reviews 3/28/17

The Terrifics #2


the terrifics #2 cover

Just like I expected after the first issue, The Terrifics is fast on its way to becoming one of my favorite DC titles. It really feels like the DC higher ups considered what kind of books and character mixes were missing and are addressing them in New Age of Heroes. There’s some strong contenders, but The Terrifics really fills a unique void that’s been lacking in DC for years. Maybe even decades.

This issue, the still unnamed foursome of Mr. Terrific, Phantom Girl, Plastic Man and Metamorpho attempt to escape their own version of the Negative Zone before they unleash a dangerous new threat. Writer Jeff Lemire has a smart sense of pacing and doesn’t spend three issues with the team in this other realm. The team does bring something back with them that definitely creates a different dynamic.

Lemire has the Fantastic Four tone down with the characters easily filling their roles. That can be a good and a bad thing. I’m glad that he seems to have plans for Phantom Girl to be more than the weak link female member of the team. With this presumed new ability, Phantom Girl should be a formidable force on an already stacked and versatile roster. Lemire dove into her origin more, which will likely be surprising for Legion of Super Heroes fans.

Ivan Reis continues to impress with his stunning artwork. It’s unfortunate that he won’t be sticking around after next issue, but with Reis it’s always a case of enjoying his art while he’s around. Marcelo Maiolo provided gorgeous color work making for an all around tremendously illustrated book.

I’m really enjoying this book and all the various possibilities where Lemire will take this book through the course of 2018. There’s no reason this won’t be one of the top books by this time in 2019.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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