March Bashness 2018 – Who did you choose for the Fatal Four?

This has been a very surprising tournament. All the No. 1 seeds are long gone. And one team I figured would be out several rounds ago has now made it to the Fatal Four. I’ve always thought the NCAA was funny in how it hyped up the semi-finals more than the finals. But in ‘booking’ a wrestling tournament I can just have the final four compete in one match where we determine the winner.

For now, let’s see the Unbreakable Eight played out and who made it to the Fatal Four.

South Region

Rated RKO vs (2) The New Age Outlaws

1. march bashness 2018 fatal 4 - new age outlaws vs rated rko

Breakdown: The New Age Outlaws – 74 votes (69%) def. Rated RKO – 34 votes (31%)

It’s funny the difference a year makes. The Outlaws didn’t last too long last year, but they’ve cruised through every match no sweat in 2018. I probably would have had them out a few rounds ago, but good for them. It might be time to call somebody if they get one more big win.

West Region

(3) Los Guerreros vs. (5) The Outsiders

1. march bashness 2018 - outsiders vs los guerreros

Breakdown: (5) The Outsiders 68 votes (62%) def. (3) Los Guerreros – 41 votes (38% )

I didn’t like this matchup for Chavo and Eddie as I think they would have stood a good chance of advancing against any other team. The size difference was too much here and Hall and Nash were never in jeopardy.

East Region

(3) Money Inc. vs. (4) Sting and Luger

1. march bashness 2018 fatal four - sting and lex vs money inc

Breakdown: (4) Sting & Luger – 71 votes (64%) def. (3) Money Inc. – 39 votes (35%)

Sting and Lex likely faced their toughest challenge in the Supreme 16 by taking down The Hart Foundation. Voters recognized that and propelled them to an easy win over Money Inc.

North Region

(2) Legion of Doom vs. (4) The Enforcers

1. march bashness 2018 legion of doom vs enforcers

Breakdown: (4) The Enforcers – 64 votes (59%) def. (2) The Legion of Doom – 45 votes (41%)

Hawk and Animal lost to Arn Anderson with Tully Blanchard last year. Voters didn’t think things changed all that much despite Arn’s new partner. Arn is now the only wrestler to make it to the finals two years in a row.

I’m going old school ECW style with this one so it’s the last surviving team not the first to get a pinfall. That means your votes matter not just to decide the champion, but to decide the order of elimination. I think I’ve worked up a strong finish for every team winning, but I’ll need your help to break it down.