Arrow The Thanatos Guild review S6 E16

The Thanatos Guild was a weird episode for Arrow. It barely advanced the main storyline with Diaz and largely was used to write off a character that hasn’t been a focal point in the last two seasons. 

Thea took Oliver’s advice to ride off to the sunset with Roy to Happily Ever After Land. Only problem was Nyssa was back with news of Merlyn’s League of Assassin loyalists looking for her.

Thanatos Guild featured a number of questionable and illogical moves, but Nyssa probably made the biggest. She infiltrated the loyalists’ lair, but she got her explosions placement lessons from Prometheus as she managed to blow it up without killing anyone. And if she bothered to sneak in, why wouldn’t Nyssa just slowly kill off this threat anyway?

arrow-the-thanatos-guild-nyssa and thea

I’m always leery whenever Team Arrow battles the League of Assassins. Only Oliver and Thea (and Nyssa) should be able to hang with fighting actual ninjas, but the rest of the team easily takes them down. LOA training just isn’t what it used to be these days.

It was good to see Roy have a more substantial role this episode instead of being the dude in distress. I was disappointed we didn’t get any one on one moments with Roy and Oliver. These guys did have a friendship and superhero partnership beyond Roy’s relationship with Thea. This episode made it seem like that was their only connection. I did like that Roy had a hat like his modern comic book appearance, but he kinda needed the glasses/goggles and red leather outfit. It would have been a cool visual to see the two Speedys in action.

arrow-the-thanatos-guild-roy and thea

Felicity was on full protect her turf mode against Nyssa, who seemed to have a little fun playing up her role as Oliver’s first wife. Sister wife was pretty funny. Fortunately for the Queens, Nyssa handed over a League of Assassin annulment block. So how is Oliver going to explain this in court?

After a brief and convenient scavenger hunt through Star City, Thea and Nyssa found Merlyn’s last secret — the location of three more Lazarus Pits. Feeling a sense of obligation, Thea decides to go with Nyssa to destroy them and Roy’s coming too. This would probably be a better time to call Barry in for a quick Flash mission since he could wrap that up literally in no time. Call me crazy, but I’d be down for a web-series/mini-movie spin-off of Thea, Roy and Nyssa’s globe-trotting mission to stop the LOA. It sounds more interesting than some of these subplots this season.

That would be the B subplot this episode with Dinah and Curtis investigating Star City cops on Diaz’s payroll. I got a massive case of the eye rolls when Curtis decided one cop they were investigating was cute and he just so happened to be gay. The CW superhero writers make every gay/lesbian/bi character have a special power of never being shot down. Let’s assume sexual orientation isn’t on the Star City PD files. This cop couldn’t have just been straight or even less realistic for a CW show, be gay and actually not be interested when the gay guy tries to pick him up?

arrow-the-thanatos-guild-arrow and spartan

Dinah and Curtis learn the captain is on the take so most of the police department is crooked too. This was one of those cases where it’s taken Team Arrow too long to catch up to what we’d known for weeks.

The other lingering subplot was Diggle wanting to be Arrow again. I’m glad the writers aren’t acting like this didn’t exist, but at the same time, does Diggle really want to handle Diaz’s crew on his own or does he expect Oliver to be Spartan? And with only seven more episodes left this season, the writers are running out of time in making Diaz out to be a real credible villain.

File Closed: The Thanatos Guild made for a decent way to write off Thea, but this wasn’t the most exciting way to return from a break.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW