Awesome Con 2018 – Chatting with Snyder, Tynion IV, Williamson and more

Awesome Con 2018 was excellent, spectacular and as always a great time. One of my favorite aspects of Awesome Con is the layout allows for some random celebrity encounters.

I ran into WWE superstar Christian on the floor and later at his table I talked with him about March Bashness. He was curious if he and Edge won in 2017 and we both ‘blamed’ Chris Jericho for his failure to advance in March Bashness 2018.

awesome con 2018 -crowd scene

I talked with Michael Rooker briefly about The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy and he was every bit as cool as you’d imagine. He definitely didn’t come across like a celebrities embarrassed about the franchises that made him so beloved by fans.

My brother is a major Smallville fan so he got autographs with Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling. Since the latter’s line was so long, I decided to go into Cress Williams’ line and share my appreciation for his work on Black Lightning. Williams was great with everyone in his line and spent a generous amount of time talking with everyone. While CW hasn’t officially announced its renewals for next season yet, Williams sounded pretty confident and mentioned they were in the works not just for Season 2, but Season 3 as well. Good news for Black Lightning fans.


Of course since I didn’t chalk up $90 to take pictures with these guys you’ll have to take my word for it.

I wish I could have ran into or met Stephen Amell, but his lines were huge. Based on the response to Amell and Welling in particular, I would bet this won’t be the only time they show up at Awesome Con. He certainly seemed like he had a good time.


Met the Man who blazed the trail.

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In addition to the movie and TV stars, I got to chat with some comic book A-listers as well. You might have to wait 5 to 10 minutes, but you can easily have lengthy conversations with the comic creators if you catch them at the right time.

The DC Dark Nights Metal team of writer Scott Snyder, artist Greg Capullo and inker Jonathan Glampion. As always it was great talking to Scott and Capullo and Glampion were very cool as well. Hopefully, I’ll be able to line up another interview with Scott to talk about his upcoming plans for Justice League.

Despite some changes to creative teams on many DC books, Joshua Williamson assured me he has no plans of leaving The Flash any time soon. That’s great news as The Flash has been one of DC’s strongest books since Rebirth.

awesome con 2018 -joshua williamson

Williamson and I talked about criticism of his work and how sometimes it’s just a matter of folks not getting the full picture yet. He made an interesting comparison of comic book arcs being like mini movies and readers need to let the whole story unfold as some developments make sense in the end.


I chatted with Sam Humphries for a long time about his work on Green Lanterns, his new role on Harley Quinn and the challenges for artists with the bimonthly schedule. For Humphries, he said the bimonthly schedule is kind of addictive as it allows him to tell stories that just wouldn’t be possible under a traditional monthly format.

Citing the Out of Time storyline where Baz and Cruz were trapped in the past, he said keeping them there for half a year wouldn’t work, but over the course of three months? That’s a lot more doable. Harley Quinn has been kind of up and down quality wise and I’m looking forward to seeing what Humphries has in store.

awesome con 2018 -sam humphries

Jokingly saying his success on Detective Comics led to him getting a slew of team books, James Tynion is hyped about his upcoming work on Justice League Dark and The Immortal Men and the thrill of coming up with scenarios and characters for Jim Lee to design and illustrate. Lee won’t be sticking around on Immortal Men long, but Tynion said he was looking forward to tailoring arcs to the respective artists he’ll be working with in the future.

awesome con 2018 - james tynion iv

Without spoiling anything, Tynion did hint he was very excited about the future of Detective Comics as incoming writer Bryan Hill has something in store that will thrill longtime DC fans.

Awesome Con is also a good way to meet comic creators, like Tom Velez, whose work I need to quickly become familiar with so look for a slew of interviews and features in the weeks to follow.

awesome con 2018 -tom velez

I also checked in with the crew at Mixtape Massacre about their upcoming expansion pack. I’m looking forward to this one and will be talking with them very soon on the podcast so stay tuned.

awesome con 2018 -mixtape massacre crew

There was also just some cool sights like the DeLorean from Ready Player One and a land speeder complete with cosplay Luke Skywalker and a BB-8 droid.

I came in late, but there looked to be a pretty fun skit involving Carmen San Diego and Where’s Waldo over on the main stage.

awesome con 2018 -carmen san diego and where's waldo

I’m in the longer process of editing the cosplay gallery — 200 pictures! — but I should have them up later today. Stay tuned.