Image Comics reviews for 3-28-18

Bonehead #3


Bonehead is the perfect example of what often occurs in modern comics. It is a lackluster intermingling of an incoherent story that is highlighted by very good visuals. It’s to be likened to a cubic zirconia. It looks great but there isn’t much behind the luster of it. It is accentuated by Rhoald Marcellius’s use of bright colors and a creative visual approach to the comic.

It has that late 80s appearance that was used in many of the cartoons and comics of that era. It’s set in the distant future and revolves around the discovery of a highly potent drug that reduces the users to a catatonic state. The main story of the book involves the members of the police force known as Gladiators are struggling to rid the streets of it and get to the bottom of the issue. Detective Hideki and Chief Gladiator #13, Toshiro Nobata, are on the case. They are fighting over who has jurisdiction of this career making bust. The secondary story is about a futuristic game of initiation.


Issue #3 feels disjointed as you flip the pages and really immerse yourself into the story. Bryan Hill’s writing comes up a bit short in this particular issue. Th dual storylines make this a very difficult and unsatisfying read. They are going on simultaneously that don’t really make a lot of sense but could serve as a precursor of what will unfold in issues to come. One offers intrigue and the other offers action but there is not enough details embedded in this issue to connect the two.

This is my first experience with this title, I can honestly tell you that from this issue, it doesn’t grab me and compel me to want to follow it. The appearance of it (pencils and the bright colors) is extremely alluring but not enough to hook someone as a constant, long term reader. I will say that I am interested in seeing what happens in the next issue so I’d give it two or three more issues before I called it quits. –Da’Mon Guy

Rating: 5 out of 10

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