Image Comics reviews for 3-28-18

Cyber Force #1


Cyber Force #1 is an exciting, fast-paced story. It instantly grips the reader and submerges them into the hostile, not too distant futuristic society. The world has come under attack from an unknown threat, called Life; the savior of worlds, who looks to free society from its hyper dependence on technology. In this initial confrontation, our hero is gravely injured, which leads to the origin story of our hero.

The basis for this tale is the oft used man vs machine storyline. The protagonist of the narrative is Morgan and his daughter, Carin, are cybernetically bonded to state of the art technology. Morgan endures the process after a vicious, nearly life ending confrontation. Carin does it to overcome her handicap. Morgan is initially reluctant to embrace his enhancements and his loss of humanity. He is not willing to accept the new him.

Issue #1 is an extremely quick read. The story moves at a near frenetic pace. It’s not an original story model by any means. We have seen this type of story many times before in various forms of entertainment. However, despite the story having a redundant feel, it really piqued my interest.

Cyber Force #1 is everything you can ask for in a first issue. Its packed with great visuals, instant action, and embeds a foundation for a really good storyline to play out going forward. The only glaring flaw is that it is too short. The story begins, hooks you in and before you know it, its over. Issue #1 ends leaving the reader wanting more. –Da’Mon Guy

Rating: 7 out of 10

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