DC Comics reviews for 4/4/18

Black Lightning
Cold Dead Hands #6

black lightning cold dead hands #6

Black Lightning’s trial run for a new ongoing series maintained the quality and entertainment level while showing exactly why a new series is necessary.

But first writer Tony Isabella had to wrap the Cold Dead Hands arc/mini-series with Tobias Whale. Isabella pulled a clever fast one that didn’t diminish the threat of BL’s main villain and he also threw in a couple of welcome cameos. Isabella had to wrap subplots up a little neater given the mini-series vs ongoing format, but there’s enough plot threads worth revisiting.

Artists Clayton Henry and Yvel Guichet continues to do solid work and I’d love to see them collaborate on more titles for DC thanks to their clean, streamlined style.

Bryan Hill will be featuring Black Lightning on his Detective Comics run. While I’m excited about that I also hope this mini-series sparked enough interest at DC for an ongoing solo series.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Deathstroke #30

Not that he needed some extraordinary motive to pit Batman and Deathstroke against each other, but Priest makes sure his Deathstroke vs Batman arc has compelling stakes to further sell the story.

Priest establishes some interesting connections with Slade and Bruce Wayne’s inner circle complete with some fun mentor commiserating with Alfred and Wintergreen. Carlo Pagulayan’s art was phenomenal throughout, but the action scenes really deliver a cinematic blockbuster scale to the issue. Jeromy Cox’s colors did a nice job of accentuating the big and quiet moments. This has the makings to be a major crowd pleaser and definite addition to the pull list for fans of either character.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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