DC Comics reviews for 4/4/18

Green Arrow #39

green arrow 39

Benjamin Percy wrapped his stellar Green Arrow run with an ideal blank slate for new writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly.
Instead of immediately trying their spin at Oliver Queen patrolling Star City, Lanzing and Kelly wisely take Green Arrow out of his comfort zone.

Oliver heads to Rhapastan on a relief mission picking up pieces from Deathstroke’s dealings in the country. Deathstroke’s influence is still clearly being felt as Oliver encounters Nowhere, who looks like a Slate Wilson prodigy.

For all of his well meaning efforts, Oliver isn’t suited for a war zone. Will Green Arrow fare any better? This is definitely a different take on Green Arrow and removing Oliver from Star City allows Lanzing and Kelly to focus on his voice before tackling his supporting cast.

Marcio Takara’s artwork is very different from Juan Ferreyra, but it’s a necessary shift to indicate the new change in direction. Takara has a clean style and is a very effective storyteller even if the inking looks a little heavy.

Green Arrow was one of the most consistent Rebirth titles so I was leery of the new creative team coming on board. This first issue is promising and suggests there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about the new Green Arrow creative team.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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