DC Comics reviews for 4/4/18

Justice League #42

justice league 42

With Wonder Woman bleeding out, the Watchtower in tatters and a civil war about to erupt in front of them, the last thing the Justice League needs is one of their biggest threats emerging onto the battlefield. Justice Lost is on its fourth chapter, but in a lot of ways, writer Priest is continuing the ongoing saga since he started on the title with issue #34.

Priest’s writing style doesn’t always make for the smoothest read on Justice League, but at least it feels eventful. Justice Lost has some confusing elements to it, yet Priest is starting to tip his hand at the greater connection to the No Justice event. I appreciate how he’s organically establishing these ties and need for various characters outside of the normal framework of the League.

This issue also marked another turning point in Cyborg’s portrayal. Early on in his run, Priest clearly seemed to want to take Cyborg to a legit A-list level instead of the tagalong on the League who hasn’t yet established his mark. Cyborg now seems like a peer to Superman, Batman, etc. and not just the Teen Titan who got a promotion out of the blue.


Priest also surprises with how he wraps The Fan subplot, which plays out in a nicely unexpected way. The dialogue for the Red Lion still reads poorly and the intent to capture the dialect doesn’t work. Priest also makes the League a little too indecisive on matters they should take a far more proactive approach.

Pete Woods’ artwork continues to make a strong selling point. As a whole, the Priest era would have fared a lot better had Woods been able to stay on the title throughout this run. His panels and layouts look fantastic and provide the visual boost this sometimes confusing story needs.

We’ve got one more issue left on the Priest/Woods era of Justice League. It’s no sense in trying to predict the end point, but Priest sets things up for what could be a very fun finale.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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