DC Comics reviews for 4/4/18

Superman #44

superman 44

The cover alone might sell you on picking up Superman #44 as it features the Bizarroverse versions of the Challenge of the Superfriends.

Bizarro is not in a good mood and his actions are threatening to destroy Htrae and with it everything he created including his wife, son and the Legion of Fun and Super Foes. This issue writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have to go heavy on the Bizarro speech. That should be obvious for a story based on Bizarro’s planet. At times, it does get a bit overwhelming trying to translate through the dialogue especially since Superman is away from Superboy and pals. But it’s necessary for this story and will likely read smoother the second time around.

Doug Mahnke’s artwork seemed off this issue. Some of the layouts were busier than needed and his typical level of focus and detail seemed off. Jaime Mendoza helped Mahnke ink the pages, but the artwork was uncharacteristically off.

There’s one more issue left in the amazing Gleason and Tomasi run and I’m sure they’ll end it on a high note. Although some shaky art and the Bizarro speech held it back somewhat, this was still a solid penultimate issue for this creative team.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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