DC Comics reviews for 4/4/18

The Curse of Brimstone #1

curse of brimstone 1

The Curse of Brimstone is unlike anything we’ve seen so far from DC’s New Age of Heroes. It lacks the same sense of hope, optimism and fun we’ve seen with Rebirth, but it also feels like a timely reflection of the bleak reality for many readers.

Writer Justin Jordan and artist Philip Tan tell the story of Joe, a down on his luck guy who knows he’s stuck in the going nowhere town of York Hills. His father is disabled and Joe desperately wants his sister to avoid being trapped as well and ruin her future. He wants York Hills to be more memorable than a dried up coal town. When a stranger rolls into town all of Joe’s dreams might come true…at a cost. Jordan’s dialogue makes the characters quickly sound familiar and relatable, making the inevitable fallout that much more significant.

Tan’s artwork is an acquired taste. His pencils are more stylized than many of his peers, which doesn’t make for the best fit with traditional superhero titles. That makes him a great choice here as his art very effectively helps tell the story and set the mood. Rain Beredo’s colors are equally important as there’s a subtle heat haze effect that foreshadows what’s about to come.

The real trick for Jordan and Tan is to distinguish Brimstone from Damage, another New Age of Heroes era book about an unwitting pawn of mass destruction. For now, there’s enough to warrant staying invested and fired up about this new arrival.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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