SH Figuarts Solo Chewbacca figure revealed

With the latest Solo trailer released, we’re seeing more and more Solo product. Today, SH Figuarts revealed its Solo Chewbacca figure.

Here’s the official write-up:

Reproduce the equipment when ‘Han Solo/Star Wars Story’ appeared. Besides ‘When goggles are worn,’ expression parts include ‘normal time’ and ‘cry.’ Reproduced with the digital coloration of the soul. A natural pose is determined by the movable part arranged without destroying the model.

sh figuarts solo chewbacca figure -arms up

I’ve got the A New Hope Chewbacca figure and it’s nice to see some changes from the previous version. The Solo Chewbacca design retains a lot of his classic elements with the only obvious change being the bandolier is set up in more of a Y pattern that a loop. This actually looks better, but after years of seeing it one way, I won’t be able to


sh figuarts solo chewbacca figure -holding gun
Photo Credit: SH Figuarts