5 Most Wanted WrestleMania Weekend figure looks

Every year, the WWE superstars bring out their A-game wardrobe for WrestleMania. Naturally, Mattel tries to get all of these figures eventually to us, but there’s always some that are too cool to wait too long. And since Mattel is so busy cranking out these figures, I figured I’d help them out by coming up with a list of the 5 Most Wanted WrestleMania figure looks.

Johnny Gargano

wwe wrestlemania best worst moments johnny gargano vs tomasso ciampa

You’ll not I said 5 Most Wanted from WrestleMania Weekend, not from WrestleMania. Johnny Wrestling delivered yet another instant classic on NXT TakeOver, but his Thor: Ragnarok inspired attire was very cool.

We used to be able to count on Rey Mysterio to bring the comic book movie theme WrestleMania attires and it looks like Johnny Gargano is going to pick up the torch. This is one of those cases Mattel definitely has to include the ring gear vest in addition to the attire.

Mustafa Ali

5 Most Wanted WrestleMania Weekend figure mustafa ali

Mustafa also seemed to be giving a comic book shout out with his glowing Iron Man/Sub-Zero style attire. Even though he came up short in his bid for the cruiserweight title, he definitely was one of the winners for best outfit. Since Mattel hasn’t gotten around to him yet, they may as well knock out this cool attire first.

Just make sure to incorporate the glow, Mattel.


Seth Rollins

5 Most Wanted WrestleMania Weekend figure seth rollins

Mattel does tend to get a lot of Rollins’ WrestleMania looks down like the Elite 57 Olympic Torch figure.

While it makes zero sense with his whole burn it down theme, this Game of Thrones inspired attire featuring Seth as a White Walker complete with ice blue eyes was definitely worthy of a king(slayer). And this figure would even be more useful and necessary to get the Intercontinental Title Rollins won on the big night since it’s the one title that Rollins didn’t have in his trophy case.

Alexa Bliss

5 Most Wanted WrestleMania Weekend figure mickie james and alexa bliss

Rather than going for a new take on a comic book character, Alexa went with a subtle hybrid of her two main gimmicks — The Goddess and the Sparkle Princess with the big poofy back to her robe. Alexa doesn’t tend to wear a lot of robes and the spikes gave it an edgier look. The tiara was also a really nice touch. If Alexa had even remotely better music this would be a decent option for an Entrance Great figure, but I definitely wouldn’t pay extra to hear that theme.

Kurt Angle

5 Most Wanted WrestleMania Weekend figure kurt angle

OK, in fairness, I’d be down for just about every Kurt Angle Elite figure Mattel will put out. The cool thing about this attire is that it looks like the kind of attire Angle would wear during his lengthy TNA run. Thanks to former TNA talent returning to the WWE, we’ve actually managed to get a pretty good amount of ex-TNA stars like Christian, Sting, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.

Photo Credit: WWE.com
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