DC Comics reviews for 4/11/18

Hal Jordan and
the Green Lantern Corps #42

hal jordan and green lantern corps 42

One very impressive aspect of Robert Venditti’s Hal Jordan run is how smoothly he transitions from one big arc to the next.

With the Lanterns largely in space there’s not a lot of time or need for cool down issues. Instead, Venditti organically introduces the next major threat to the Green Lanterns.

Picking up plot threads from a previous arc, Venditti catches up with The Controllers and their latest plans to take down the Corps. With their numbers diminished, the Controllers create an army of their own — The Darkstars — a fighting force solely under their control. Predictably, that doesn’t quite go according to plan.

Meanwhile, Hal Jordan catches up with his old ally, Tomar-Tu, who’s reflecting on the murder that led him to become a prisoner. Venditti explores the classic murdering vigilante argument and it’s really hard not to side with Tomar-Tu here.

Ethan Van Sciver returns to knock out the art. His pencils always give this title an additional visual boost. Van Sciver adds an extra level of realism and detail that makes every page look phenomenal. With Jason Wright’s colors, this is one of the better looking issues in a while.

I’ve got very high hopes for this Darkstars Rising arc as it looks to be another killer storyline for a series that’s becoming synonymous with very enjoyable stories.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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