DC Comics reviews for 4/11/18

Suicide Squad #39

suicide squad 39

Suicide Squad is always at its best when Rob Williams doesn’t over complicate things and just points the team in a direction to complete an objective. Their success or failure doesn’t matter as it’s always more about the journey than the end game for the Suicide Squad. This time, Rick Flag leads the team to take down The Wall before the new American supersoldier can download every secret of the nation.

This leads to a well-executed battle in the middle of D.C. Neil Edwards provides quality, clean art for a title that’s been long overdue for a consistent artist presence. Outside of a few awkward poses, Edwards delivers one of the best illustrated issues of the title in months.

Williams potentially may have killed off another Squad member though he’s cried wolf enough times that it’s hard to think it will stick. Staying true to the name aside, the title has never really loved or died based on team members not returning. It’s always been so much more about the team interaction, which was back in play in a big way this issue. Ulises Arreola’s color work makes for a much brighter take on the team than usual, but it complements Edwards’ art nicely.

Shock and Awe ends with a significant cliffhanger that could have major repercussions for one team member. This is all I need in my Suicide Squad reads so this issue hit the mark on all front for me.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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