DC Comics reviews for 4/11/18

The Immortal Men #1

the immortal men 1

Let’s be honest. It was going to be a bigger shock if A New Age of Heroes title written by James Tynion IV (Detective Comics) and drawn by Jim Lee (with Ryan Benjamin) was a disappointment.

Caden Park has been experiencing a series of recurring dreams and The Immortal Man, who will be familiar to longtime DC readers, keeps appearing to show him something. His parents and psychiatrist dismiss the dreams as the longings of a young adult who wants to contribute to society, but the truth is far more than anyone realizes.

Tynion does a lot of set up in this debut issue, but when he starts advancing the plot, there’s some exciting elements that make up a nice foundation of two immortal factions waging an endless war.


The new characters, designed by Lee, have this unique look of being both fresh and familiar like they would have been the basis for a team book in the 90s. With nothing like them in the DCU, the characters certainly stand out.

The transitions from Lee to Benjamin’s pages are more jarring than they probably should have been. It probably would have made more sense for Lee and Benjamin to do an even split of the artwork to avoid the appearance of Benjamin filling in a random set of pages. Lee’s artwork is still too strong and detailed to pair up with most artists. That’s not a knock on Benjamin, who is a competent storyteller, but his pages lack the refinement seen in Lee’s pages.

As far as first issues go, consider my appetite whetted. I’m on the hook to see what Tynion and Lee have in store next issue and the various arcs to come.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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