DC Comics reviews for 4/11/18

Titans #22

titans 22

Easily my biggest complaint with this latest issue of Titans is how little the Titans are actually in it. This issue could quickly have been confused for a Justice League story since they are the focus. The only Titans who appear in the issue are Arsenal and Donna Troy. My constant gripe with this book has been the monthly release format and how it makes stories feel like they’re dragging on. With the Titans sidelined for much of this arc that’s never felt more evident.

It’s certainly not that Dan Abnett can’t write a compelling story. Monsieur Mallah and The Brain’s big plan reaches its next step and they’ve rarely seemed to competent or a threat worthy of the Justice League. But, with the League constantly talking down to Donna and Arsenal getting whipped by Chesire’s goons, this wasn’t a feel good Titans story.

Paul Pelletier’s artwork remained at its reliable level of consistency. It was fun seeing his take on the Justice League and raises the question of why didn’t DC editors call on him to handle Justice League fill-in issues? Pelletier’s definitely got the storytelling chops to handle it. One small complaint was the excessive amount of blood. That’s the norm in comics so it’s unfair to single this out, but a subtle trail of blood is more visually impactful than half a character’s face coated in blood.

As a Titans book, this issue was disappointing, but as another piece in a story that seems poised to ultimately show the need for the group, this was a worthwhile and entertaining read.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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