Gotham Pieces of a Broken Mirror review S4 E12

Pieces of a Broken Mirror was yet another example why Gotham has been so much fun this season and arguably the best comic book show on TV.

By Gotham standards, the opening was creatively complex. A bunch of characters were unknowingly converging in the same spot in the city. Gordon was trying to find Bullock. Alfred was having a meal at the local diner before some guys want to rob him for his fancy shoes, Lee was leading a community meeting of Narrows residents and the new Poison Ivy was emerging.


Everything came to a head when an assassin tried to kill Lee. Even though his mental faculties might be in question, Solomon Grundy was quick enough to react and save the day. The bomb helped to wake Grundy up as he remembered he’s Butch and tried to reconcile with Tabitha. At least for now, the sight of the ghost white Butch isn’t doing it for her. Yes, Tabitha you absolutely can do a million times better. Sorry Butch.

There was a lot to love about Gordon’s subplot. He and Lucius tracked down the would-be assassin, Krank, and learned from his son that the target is The Doc. This led to a pair of amazingly awkward scenes as Gordon had to get some intel from Barbara, who’s loving having Jim need her for anything. She didn’t bother telling him The Doc is another ex so he was stunned to see Lee holding court. Riddler’s awkwardness during this scene was great too.


This subplot played out surprisingly as Krank told Nygma that The Riddler hired him to kill Lee. Gotham writers seemed to want to try establishing a multiple personality disorder with Ed before, but seemed to get cold feet. Now, they’re fully behind it and that has a ton of potential, especially if The Riddler thinks Ed’s interest in Lee is keeping him from ‘returning’ full-time.


Gordon also got tied up with Alfred, who got framed for killing the diner waitress by her abusive boyfriend. While Bruce is off acting like a pampered brat, it’s nice to see Alfred get some meaningful subplots of his own. Especially if they lead to him teaming with Bullock, who now is a bartender. This is a good fit for Bullock as he doesn’t want anything to do with Gordon and can still be a regular character without forcing his appearances every episode.

Peyton List (The Flash) has been recast as Poison Ivy. I’m not sure why Gotham keeps switching out the actresses who portray her especially since Maggie Ghea was doing just fine in the role. Further evolved, Ivy can now cause poison ivy to develop in people with but a touch. I like that Lucius is immediately interested in this as that subplot is better suited for him than bull in the China shop Gordon.


While she still doesn’t have much use for most folks, Ivy still remembers Selina was kind to her and extends the offer to be her partner in taking the city down. Selina’s loyalties have always been flexible, but she remembers people who are kind to her like Alfred. It’ll be interesting to see if Selina stays with the Gotham Sirens or opts out for a new partnership with her oldest friend.

File Closed: Pieces of a Broken Mirror showed Gotham didn’t miss a beat upon its mid-season return. If the rest of the season is this entertaining than the remaining 10 episodes should be a blast.



Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX