Packaged pictures of Marvel Legends The Thing figure

Asking action figure collectors to be patient is like…nothing really, we’re just not patient. Hasbro went with the unconventional approach this time of releasing the Fantastic Four as essentially an exclusive Walgreens series. That’s worked out well, but most of us were getting impatient on Ben Grimm aka The Thing.

At Toy Fair, Hasbro showed some glimpses of the big guy with some promo pictures and now Hasbro Pulse has the final version complete with alternate head.

marvel legends the thing

The Thing has been drawn all over the place with regards to his height. This version has him more Hulk sized than regular height and tank-like width.


marvel legends the thing loose

I’m really excited about the two pairs of hands — a set of fists and open set. Along with the alternate head sculpt, that will help mix up posing and display possibilities.

That figure looks so fun! I can’t wait to rock (get it?) this guy in my collection.

Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse