Arrow Fundamentals review S6 E18

Geesh, where was Fundamentals all season?

Honestly, if the majority of Arrow’s sixth season had to go down in order to get this episode it was all worth it. I’m kinda worried the season has peaked with this episode, but it was pretty great.

The episode kicks off with Oliver in his original Arrow attire complete with Maybeline Kelly Green eye makeup. Proving that Netflix doesn’t have an monopoly on them, we get a pretty cool hallway fight scene with The Hood battling the cops on Diaz’s payroll. This made for a nice twist on the standard vigilante vs. cops battle as these cops deserve a beat down.  But on the other side of the last door Oliver faces awaits Diaz with a fleet of his best troops.

For the first time in a long time this season we get a flashback. But from just 10 hours ago. With his allies leaving him, Oliver is running out of options. And with the City Council set to begin impeachment hearings, Oliver needs to find something fast. Not even Felicity’s last ditch attempt to get Diggle to return to the fold works.

Oliver continues to get more on edge as the episode progresses having an argument with Felicity that came off surprisingly realistic. Right up until Felicity saying they need a break, which didn’t track considering breaking William’s science fair project and snapping at the boy blunder hardly seemed like an offense worthy of a break.

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Thanks Ross.

Fortunately, Oliver can rely on Quentin, who had his best episode probably all year. Poor Paul Blackthorne has been stuck in a crummy subplot that’s done him absolutely no favors. Being Oliver’s last remaining ally gave him the opportunity to be return to the sensible father figure he hasn’t been since he started trying to resurrect his daughters, fall off the wagon and making time with Felicity’s mom.

Oliver finally figures out what that clanging he’s been hearing. It’s Prometheus, back from the dead!


Clearly the show can’t pull the Prometheus card too often so they have to make it count. On all fronts, Fundamentals was the perfect time to bring him ‘back’ as a Vertigo-induced hallucination.

It’s crazy how in just one episode Prometheus instantly delivered the most memorable villain appearance all season. That’s in large part to Josh Segarra’s delivery. He has this intensity that rivals Stephen Amell’s making it truly feel like Oliver is looking in a mirror whenever he confronts Adrian Chase. The Oliver/Adrian sequences reminded me of a nightmarish Batman and The Joker encounter.

Adrian kept needling Oliver and questioning his decisions. This was the nightmare version of A Christmas Story as Prometheus took Oliver to some of his worst moments like Laurel right before he goes on the boat trip, Laurel dying in the hospital, Wild Dog laid up in a hospital bed (Hoss) and Curtis and Dinah calling him out. It was pretty funny watching Adrian in the background as Oliver tried to recollect himself with Quentin.

At his breaking point and not able to fully ignore Adrian’s suggestion that maybe Oliver is his own worst enemy, Oliver sees The Hood. And The Hood is not happy with Oliver. In fact, you could say


Back in his old attire and recommitted to a Team Arrow of one, Oliver goes gunning for Diaz. Good thing Quentin tipped Felicity off that Oliver is still suffering through the Vertigo. Taking tips from Barry Allen, Felicity runs off and arrives at the police station just before Oliver gets taken out.

This was a strong scene and Emily Bett Rickards is really benefiting from the streamlined Team Arrow. Felicity isn’t being written like she’s fighting for attention to remind us she’s there. Instead, she’s back to being the quirky, helpful heart of Team Arrow. The exchange with her and William about Napster was very funny.

Not surprisingly, Oliver is impeached. This was the only way that could have gone down. On the plus side, Quentin has a plush gig as the new mayor. Hopefully that sticks as that’s a great fit for him.


The encounter with Prometheus did reinforce to Oliver it’s time to go back to basics. Team Arrow is on a permanent hiatus. I like it. Diaz and Black Siren did some evil bad guy scheming, but Oliver wanting to go solo has me very excited about the direction for the rest of this season. It’s not going to last, but I’m looking forward to seeing Green Arrow in action without a super hacker, a competent partner and cannon fodder.

File Closed: Fundamentals didn’t lie. This episode sets up Oliver getting back to basics and that should make the war with Diaz much more focused and personal.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW