DC Comics reviews for 4/25/18

Batman and The Signal #3

batman and the signal 3 cover

Batman and The Signal wraps with a somewhat disappointing and rushed finale. Of course, a lot of the problems with this issue are just the nature of having a three-issue mini-series.

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands got six issues and he’s been a long established character. Duke Thomas is still being fleshed out and established away from Batman and company. Three issues really isn’t enough time to properly set up a character, develop a supporting cast and showcase his uniqueness in an already crowded Batman universe.

The good though is writer Tony Patrick proves he’s got a great handle on The Signal and quickly fleshed out an original supporting cast, some solid mysteries and wide open possibilities. I definitely got the sense that Patrick had to rush to wrap this storyline in a satisfying manner while not neatly concluding everything he established. That’s a hard balance, but for the most part he succeeded.

Cully Hamner’s art is solid with a couple of really nice full page shots. I’m curious if The Signal gets a solo book opportunity who DC would get to draw the title long term. Three issues isn’t long enough to establish a firm visual style, but Hamner and colorist Laura Martin do an outstanding job of shaking this up from a typical Bat-book.

I’m pulling for more of The Signal on his own and a further exploration of his unique realm. Three issues was too small of an appetizer, but the potential for a new, sustainable Batman spin-off is definitely there.

Rating: 8 out of 10