DC Comics reviews for 4/25/18

Detective Comics #979

detective comics 979 cover

Batman Eternal is nearing its finale, which means writer James Tynion IV is putting some major screws to Batman and company. Tim Drake finds himself in a familiar situation — a captive of a force determined to remake the world around him.

In this case, it’s The General and his unique altering world solution is the return of the OMACs. This is a sensible plot development and ties into Batman’s pre-New 52 need for control and overbearing paranoia. And it’s exactly the kind of major league threat to unite Batman and his allies for one final ride.

Artist Philippe Briones departs from his traditional layouts to add some really interesting nightmarish takes on the OMACs and Tim’s latest struggle. This issue featured some of Briones’ best work in months and paired very nicely with John Kalisz’s color work.

Tynion has positioned Tim as a major factor in his Detective run so it’s nice to see this arc requires an all hands on deck approach to save him and take down The General. As usual, Detective Comics delivers the goods and remains one of the can’t skip issues in the DC library.

Rating: 9 out of 10