DC Comics reviews for 4/25/18

The Terrifics #3

terrifics 3

Artist Ivan Reis might have already moved on after helping to jumpstart the title, but The Terrifics remains a very strong read.

Mr. Terrific tries to learn more on the force keeping the team to stay together while the group confronts a new problem. Along the way, writer Jeff Lemire adds some welcome character development moments like Metamorpho’s relationship drama with Sapphire, Plastic Man trying to come up with a team name and Phantom Girl questioning if her family is alive.

One area Lemire needs to tone down on is the acerbic portrayal of Mr. Terrific. Sure, he’s one of the smartest people on the planet, but he’s coming off so harsh to his teammates that he’s not a likable character. At least Simon Stagg has a sleazy villain charm while Terrific just acts like a jerk, which makes it seem like a major stretch that the team would name themselves after him.

Joe Bennett steps in as artist and he proves a very smart choice to follow Reis since they both have clean, distraction free styles. The shifts between inkers Sandra Hope, Jaime Mendoza and Art Thibert is noticeable, but this is about as smooth as an artist transition as one could hope.

Lemire continues building the mystery with Tom Strong and it’s one I’m optimistic will have a worthwhile payoff. The Terrifics is off to a good start and easily has the potential to be the top addition in the New Age of Heroes’ ranks.

Rating: 9 out of 10