Hit-Girl #3 review

The explosive carnage and mayhem continue in another insanely over the top Hit-Girl #3.  This book isn’t and shouldn’t be for the faint of heart and is a maniacal, crazy 32-page ride.

Mindy is carrying out her goal of using Columbia’s top hit man as her assassin stand-in. It’s a pretty clever premise that gets even more interesting when the hit man thinks he’s managed to turn the tables on Hit-Girl.

Writer Mark Millar is writing the Columbia adventures of Hit-Girl in a easily accessible format. There’s some carry over from issue to issue, but Hit-Girl #3 easily reads like a Hit-Girl standalone story. Millar doesn’t force a cliffhanger and counts on his hook being strong enough to keep the readers invested and returning for the next issue.

hit-girl #3

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz’s artwork really looks like we’re seeing frozen moments in an anime. That fits the off the wall tone of this book, which wouldn’t benefit from super realistic and highly detailed art. Ortiz’s loose, but not quite cartoonish, pencils capture’s Hit-Girl’s personality well. At times, that affects the action sequences as the ‘fight choreography’ isn’t entirely clear, but it certainly captures a constant sense of movement.


Sunny Gho’s color work shows some nice measures of improvement specifically during the action scenes and with shades of blood.

The only thing missing from the action scenes is an accompanying rocking soundtrack. These battles are so intense that it almost needs that booming, ear drum rattling score. Maybe Millar can provide some recommendations next issue?

Hit-Girl has been an unpredictable and unapologetic guilty pleasure. Millar keeps stacking these crazy scenarios and making them work for one of the more entertaining reads on comic stands today.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics