LMF Podcast Episode 28 – Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Free Review

Avengers: Infinity War is here! Jayce and I break down a non-spoiler review of the film and talk about the proper viewing order to be completely ready for Marvel’s biggest masterpiece. Also for Episode 28, we try to predict the box office haul and how much it could bring in opening weekend. Will Jovon get it right again?

In a special interview, Ben Cronin, author of , drops by to talk about the book. We talk about our favorite underappreciated X-Men characters, discuss some of his favorite top creative teams and why the X-Men movies have failed when the Avengers have been so successful.

100 things x-men fans

You can download the episode here.


I’ve already read through it and it’s a lot of fun with a ton of great information. You can order the book, Totally Unofficial 100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die from Amazon.com. Check it out here: https://tinyurl.com/yb76a9g8

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures