Funko POP! Aliens Ellen Ripley figure review – Movies No. 345

Ellen Ripley is in a constant battle with Princess Leia and The Bride as my favorite female movie character. As I started down this rabbit hole of collecting POP! figures, Ripley definitely had to be one my initial purchases. Leia has too many options and The Bride is insanely expensive. But Ripley? She’s got one iconic look and Funko delivered on it.

Packaging:  I seriously considered keeping this line in package as I love the setup and how distinct each package is when placed next to other POP! figures. The front features a I love the personalization of the respective license so for the Aliens package we get a movie shot of a xenomorph.

The back of the packaging is a little disappointing in the sense that there’s no Hicks, Hudson and Vazquez to accompany Ripley.

Likeness:  One glimpse and you know exactly who this figure is and what’s going on. Ripley is about to bring the pain to the Brood Queen. I kinda like this approach from Funko in particular with its POP! Movies line as they can really capture iconic moments like this one.

funko pop aliens ripley figure review -wide shot

This sculpt really crams a lot of detail into the small scale. Ripley’s grenade launcher/flame thrower has an impressive level of sculpting. Ripley’s bandolier has individual sculpted explosive rounds, the cargo pants have lined pockets and even the shoes have the respective detail. This is a really incredible likeness in the POP! format.

Scale:  POP! Ellen Ripley is the standard size. Funko will make figures shorter or smaller as needed, which isn’t in this case here, but I’m looking forward to seeing how she matches up with the Brood Queen.

funko pop aliens ripley figure review -neca and funko pop ripley

Paint: The paintwork could use some work as there’s some good and bad. There’s also some weird changes. The Colonial Marines’ guns are green and Funko went with a black gun.

This clashes slightly with the black bandolier and blends the two together. While the the package photo had Ripley’s green gun correct, it also had her with black eyebrows. The figure has that correct.

You’ll have to look a bit closer to notice the bruise on Ripley’s cheek. It’s subtle, but it works especially with the cut on her right cheek. The paintwork on the shoes is very spotty and inconsistent. My figure had random marks throughout, which was a little annoying.

The biggest and most glaring issue though is the paler paint used for the arms. They’re more than a couple shades off and the kind of problem you wouldn’t expect with this line.


Articulation:  POP! typically don’t have any articulation outside of the neck. As this is an in the moment figure, the articulation really isn’t needed.

Accessories:  Technically, Ripley has an accessory even if it’s not removable. In her case for this specific scene re-enactment, the gun is necessary so I’ll give POP! credit for including it.

funko pop aliens ripley figure review -heading left

Worth it?  I got Ripley for $8 at Toys R Us. I was super sentimental and for that price I couldn’t turn her down.

Rating: 8 out of 10

I’m knocking off points for the paint inconsistencies. Besides that, the POP! Ellen Ripley figure is a standout figure and well worth getting.

Where to Get It?  Check Toys R Us as they’re clearing out their shipments. You could still get lucky. You can also go the easy route and grab her now from