Star Wars graciously cedes all-time box office debut record to Avengers: Infinity War

I’m kinda digging this classy hand off with box office debut records. Star Was: The Force Awakens was the latest to graciously hand over the throne to Avengers: Infinity War when the new Marvel Studios film set a new box office debut mark.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy wrote a classy note to Marvel Studios complete with Rey handing the lightsaber over to Iron Man.

It’s kinda fitting as Marvel Studios Exec Kevin Feige kicked this trend off again with a gracious hand off to Jurassic World once it knocked Marvel’s the Avengers off the top spot. Jurassic World debuted with a $209 million opening weekend, narrowly knocking out The Avengers, which opened with $207 million.




Jurassic World didn’t get a chance to enjoy life at the top for long as Force Awakens obliterated its record when it opened later that year. Repeating Feige’s classy gesture, Jurassic World execs graciously passed the baton over to BB-8 and company.

And it all comes full circle back to Marvel Studios. Either way, Walt Disney Pictures is pretty happy with the results since Star Wars and Marvel are all under the house that Mickey built.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures