Arrow Docket No. 11-19-41-73 review S6 E21

As a rule, courtroom drama is just not that exciting when it comes to superhero shows or movies. Docket No. 11-19-41-73 didn’t break that trend and at times was a frustrating episode. Luckily a few last minute developments mostly salvaged the episode.

We kick things off with John Diggle going John Rambo in Kasnia. I gripe every time about the CW shows spoiling guest stars so I absolutely have to commend them for not ruining this surprise. Granted, if you’ve paid attention to the series, you knew who this mystery guy was, but at least it wasn’t revealed in the credits.

The trial of Oliver Queen was aggravating. Team Arrow and Oliver’s attorney Jean Loring know Diaz has the city and an incredible large amount of its officials under his thumb. I still can’t help but feel that this storyline is absurd. It’s not like American citizens would let some criminal just take over the government and just act like everything is business as usual…

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Felicity quickly pulls up info on the attorney Alexa Van Owen (Agents of SHIELD’s Catherine Dent) and then rattled off 30 factoids. I’m gonna need a working definition on that hacker super power she’s got ASAP. I’m still a little confused on the purpose of this trial. Oliver saved people as Green Arrow then broke the Solovia Accords? And evil genius Ricardo Diaz thinks Oliver is the one thing holding back his criminal empire? Why not just put all of Team Arrow on trial and eliminate all the competition?


It was nice to see some series continuity with Dr. Schwartz (Venus Terzo) completely no-selling the bait that she saw who Green Arrow was when she tried to save Black Canary. And I appreciated Susan Williams screwing Oliver over by sending Van Owen the photo of Oliver in Russia. I wondered if that would ever come back to bite him.

I was irritated with Team Arrow’s selective lying on a case where they knew the trial was a farce. Just commit all the way! Despite a real low blow parting shot, Fake Laurel did start to take Quentin’s words to heart about standing up to Diaz. After Diaz choked her out, I wondered if Laurel forgot she had sonic powers and Diaz has…no powers?


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But Diaz is committed to his silly plan of sending Oliver to jail even bringing Zoe in to ensure Rene doesn’t step out of line with his testimony. Diaz didn’t count on Tommy Merlyn showing up and revealing himself as the Green Arrow. I’m down any time Colin Donnell wants to return to Arrow. Seriously, we brought Laurel back, let’s find some overly convoluted way to bring Tommy back.

Of course this was really just Christopher Chance (Wil Traval) aka The Human Target back to help the gang out again. Some of that big payoff got ruined by Diaz pulling his cheat code to have Laurel testify that Oliver really is Green Arrow. But she’s had enough of being put in the corner and she testifies that Green Arrow is Tommy Merlyn.

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That’s somehow not enough for the clearly on the take jury, who still rules Oliver is guilty. But the judge has a surprising change of heart and overrules it. Oliver is free to go. Turns out Rene had the bright idea of having Chance replace the judge. We needed this kind of thinking earlier. And as far as a way to reconcile Oliver and Rene, this was a pretty good method.

Diaz isn’t down for the judge’s excuse of being swapped out by a lookalike and kills him. Laurel arrives and Kirk Acevedo is tapping into his best Al Pacino impression. Fortunately, Laurel isn’t the typical moron in these kinds of situations. She blasts Diaz then takes out his goons before going in for the kill scream. That was smart and it’s nice to see Diaz was just as smart as he’s kept a sonic dampener on him for just such contingencies. Always a wise tactic to keep something that can take out your allies.

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Even though she betrayed him, Diaz isn’t taking this offense personal. Instead of trying to imprison Oliver Queen, he’s just going to kill him and everyone he cares about.

Docket No. 11-19-41-73 was a weird episode as most of it was immensely frustrating, but its satisfying second half made it entertaining.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW