Here’s how Marvel Studios’ first 18 films connected to Avengers: Infinity War

Guardians of the Galaxy

ronan vs drax

Drax’s home world also suffered the same fate as Gamora and half of his world’s deaths included his wife and child. This also solidifies Thanos’ tactics of using emissaries or heralds to invade and vanquish civilizations. Where Loki failed, Ronan was successful as he desired to wipe out Xandar. Ironically, it would be Thanos who would overrun the planet and seize control of the Power Stone.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Just like in the first film, the Avengers had to deal with problems from the Mind Stone. In both cases, Avengers and their allies fell under the sway of the stone. Scarlet Witch unknowingly has been linked to the stone from the start as her powers came from the stone and empowered her future mate, The Vision. She also manipulated the minds of her future teammates to aid Ultron. Coming full circle, it fell on the Scarlet Witch to destroy the Stone to save the universe from Thanos.


Captain America: Civil War

The war of the Avengers set in motion several pivotal points — none of which were intended. Black Panther became a staunch ally of Captain America and his rogue Avengers team; Spider-Man got a costume upgrade and Ant-Man tapped into his Giant Man abilities for the first time in battle. Just as significant is the establishment of Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship, which places them as star-crossed lovers at the peak of the Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man battle.

captain america civil war scarlet witch and vision

Scarlet Witch and Vision’s bond constantly forces them to choose between their burgeoning love or their duty. This was further played up in Infinity War as Wanda was torn with leaving Vision’s bedside while her teammates fought the Black Order and again when she was the only person standing between Thanos’ ultimate victory.

Doctor Strange

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Naturally, the Time Stone elements are important to the ongoing saga, but ironically Doctor Strange too quickly dismisses the one Avenger who;s been searching and aware of the potential danger of the united Infinity Stones. Together, there’s a strong likelihood they could have stopped Thanos from seizing the Power Stone and Tesseract from the start.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Gamora has never wanted to battle her sister, but has been aware of Thanos’ threat since childhood. Vol. 2 shows Nebula finally finding peace with Gamora and realize they were never enemies.

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Gamora remains at the center of the film in terms of the longer story in Infinity War as her relationship with Peter Quill goes beyond random flirting to one with genuine feelings. Love is at the center of these three guardians as their concern for each other eventually paves the way for Thanos to claim a near total victory before dealing with the Avengers on Wakanda.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

In Civil War, Stark quickly connects with Peter Parker as he reminds Stark of himself at that age albeit with a much greater sense of responsibility. He gives Peter his first upgraded suit, but similar to his early Mark armors, Stark is already working on an upgrade.

Always excited about making a splash, Stark is set to debut Spider-Man’s new armor when initiating him into the depleted Avengers ranks. Despite Spider-Man turning down the gig, Stark keeps the suit on standby for a situation when Peter needs some extra help.


Thor Ragnarok

After briefly resuming his rivalry with The Hulk, Thor is starting to become less of a leader in training and walking in that mindset. First, he makes things right with a disgruntled Asgardian in Valkyrie, reconciles with Loki and saves his people from extinction from Hela and Surtur. Like in Age of Ultron where he speaks too soon, Thor jinxes the Asgard rescue ship by proclaiming everything is going to work out fine just as Thanos arrives.

Thor: Ragnarok review - Hulk vs Surtur

Hulk also has an important storyline that’s connected to Avengers: Infinity War. Banner was essentially banished for two years while Hulk kept him trapped. This plays into the continued struggle for control between Banner and Hulk. In the Incredible Hulk, Banner had the upper hand and was going months without releasing Hulk until he needed him to defeat a powerful opponent. Hulk relished demolishing contenders in the gladiator arena with his confidence at its peak where he didn’t back down from going after Surtur. It wasn’t until Thanos punked him out that Hulk doesn’t want anything to do with a fight.

Black Panther


Wakanda has a reputation as an impenetrable country that’s never fallen victim to invasion or outside forces. T’Challa assures Captain America that Bucky will be safe in his care at the end of Civil War. Black Panther’s confidence proves warranted when not even Thanos’ Black Order is able to conquer Wakanda.

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