DC Comics reviews for 5/9/18

Detective Comics #980

detective comics 980 cover

These penultimate issues of some of my favorite DC Rebirth runs hasn’t gotten any easier. This time, it’s the warm-up to the big finale of James Tynion IV’s amazing Detective Comic run.

Gotham is being overrun by The General’s OMAC army. The Gotham Knights are desperately trying to save the city and break The General’s control of Tim Drake before he kills Batwoman. It’s a packed issue with some very interesting revelations particularly concerning Orphan and Spoiler.

Tynion uses much of the issue with one last salvo to further stack the odds against the Knights as Spoiler tries to shut down Ulysees’ network and deal with her insecurities around Batman. Batwoman gets confronted with her issues as well. Maybe the one down side to this issue is Tynion doesn’t get to focus on Batman more than a few pages. But Detective has always been much more than the regular Batman book.


Scot Eaton handles the art duties this issue. Eaton’s pencils have always been solid and he’s a good storyteller so there’s no confusion on what takes priority, the perspectives are strong and everything flows cleanly. While it would have been nice to have Eddy Barrows complete this final arc, Eaton is hardly a poor substitute.

Tynion has done such incredible work navigating through the various members of this team and making them feel like a family that’s it’s such a buzz kill knowing we’ve only got one more issue with this crew. It’s least it’s been a sensational ride.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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