DC Comics reviews for 5/9/18

Hal Jordan and
the Green Lantern Corps #44

hal jordan and the green lantern corps 44

While Flash War is getting a lot of buzz, this brewing conflict between the Green Lanterns and the Darkstars is proving to be just as interesting.

Knowing the power at the Darkstars’ disposal, John Stewart dispatches the Honor Guard to rally potential allies to help them in the war. This gives writer Robert Venditti to revisit earlier story arcs he’s set up throughout his run. Some of these allies are expected while others are very surprising. If the Lanterns are successful in their recruitment efforts, this Darkstars war just got a whole lot more intriguing.

One of the constants of this title is how Venditti shifts expectations without making his cast act out of character. Their actions make sense and they act consistent no matter what’s going on. Along with the surprise recruits, Venditti writes in a cameo that I hope he makes good on his tease to revisit. That’s been one of the few missing elements of his Hal Jordan run.


Brandon Peterson handles the art this issue and the only disappointment is he hasn’t been doing more fill-in work for this book. The pages really looked great and Peterson’s cinematic style added another layer to the story.

Ivan Plasencia provides the colors and with his run on The Flash presumably ended, there’s not another title better suited for his work than Hal Jordan.

I remain a major fan of this book as it delivers quality Hal Jordan/Green Lanterns every other week. After Zod, the Sinestro Corps battle and even Starro, I thought I’d seen it all from this book, but Venditti keeps finding ways to surprise and outdo himself. That always leads to a tremendous read.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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