DC Comics reviews for 5/9/18

Red Hood and the Outlaws #22

red hood and the outlaws 22 cover

I’d gotten behind on my reading of Red Hood longer than I’d want to admit, but it’s nice to see this remains a book that’s as easy a read as catching up with an old friend. It’s a low action, character development issue, but it’s still a very worthwhile read.

Jason Todd meets with Faye Gunn about a potential new mission, Artemis reaches out to an old employer for help with Bizarro, who enjoys his final days as a super genius.

Writer Scott Lobdell is laying the groundwork for a new mystery as each of the Outlaws has a seemingly random encounter with a stranger. They don’t seem aware of his presence, but Lobdell didn’t toss that in for no reason. Lobdell has created a strong familial bond with the team and there’s some very strong moments playing up on that this issue.

Dexter Soy’s artwork continues to be a treat. I love how his pages look like anime films with the layout and occasional extreme perspectives of characters. Alisson Borges provides some fill-in pages that retain the high quality art for this title. As usual, Veronica Gandini’s colors look fantastic and really provide this book with a unique look.

I’ve been lax on catching up with this one, but that definitely was a mistake. I’d forgotten how surprisingly touching and engaging this book can be. While there’s no action, it’s still a strong read this week.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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