DC Comics reviews for 5/9/18

Suicide Squad #41

suicide squad 41 cover

When Deadshot’s daughter gets kidnapped by Kobra, he can’t turn to Amanda Waller and his Suicide Squad teammates to come to her rescue. But he unexpectedly gets aid from his greatest enemy? I wasn’t completely sold on writer Rob Williams’ premise of having Deadshot and Batman team up, but by the end of the issue I’m hooked and ready to see where he’ll take this story.

My biggest concern was working Batman into this story was going to keep the rest of the Squad on the sidelines. Fortunately, Williams makes their involvement a key factor since Amanda Waller doesn’t like being shown up by anyone. And Williams uses this arc to introduce the latest member of the Suicide Squad and he’s one that will immediately fit right in.

There was just one slightly out of character move from Batman from a sense of collateral damage that didn’t sit quite right.

Eduardo Pansica knocks out the art this issue. Pansica’s no-nonsense style works well with the Squad, but it’s frustrating that next issue has another artist solicited. Suicide Squad really needs to stick with one quality artist that can handle the bimonthly schedule for just two or three months. The constant carousel of artists hurts the book’s consistency. Adriano Lucas’ washed out colors fit the tone of the story nicely.

This should be a pretty fun and out of the norm storyline for Suicide Squad. While at times the title has veered too far to the extreme, this one feels right in their wheelhouse. I’m looking forward to see what Williams has in store next issue.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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