DC Comics reviews for 5/9/18

The Flash #46

the flash 46 cover

Joshua Williamson is sneakily providing the fix for fans of the pre-New 52 DC Universe. In this final prelude before Flash War, Williamson focuses on Wally West, who now remembers his life before Flashpoint. Naturally, that’s causing some major conflicts in a world where he’s the only one that has any memory of a Flash museum, Cyborg as a member of the Teen Titans, etc. Try as he might, Barry Allen can only do so much to help his former sidekick, which leads to some frustration for both of them.

Williamson also borrows a page from acclaimed Flash writer Geoff Johns as the story isn’t solely told from the perspective of Wally West, but from his archenemy as well. As a huge Flash fan, it was pretty fun reading an unaltered take on Hunter Zolomon right down to his motives for Wally.

For a Wally West feature story it makes sense to have longtime Flash artist Scott Kollins on pencils for a complete throwback issue. Kollins never felt like a great fit on the Rebirth Blue Beetle, but he’s back in fine form with this story. Hopefully, Kollins will be able to draw a few installments of Flash War.

DC fans who aren’t reading The Flash right now are missing out. It’s the perfect hybrid of old school pre-Flashpoint mythology and the freedom to shake up the status quo mindset of DC Rebirth. By the time this issue is over you’ll be ready for Flash War to get started in a flash.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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