DC Comics reviews for 5/9/18

The Immortal Men #2

the immortal men 2 cover

Jim Lee stuck around shorter than his usual brief tenures, but Immortal Men #2 proved the premise still warrants attention even without the legendary artist.

For the second issue writer James Tynion IV quickly establishes a breakneck pace with both sides of this mysterious battle pursuing Caden Park throughout New York City. Focusing on the chase doesn’t allow Tynion much time to devote to character development, but the small tidbits are enough to maintain my interest. I’m most curious about the role of the Immortal Man who I presume is Vandal Savage. Tynion does introduce another supporting character I hope sticks around for the long-term.

Ryan Benjamin takes over the art duties and I’m sure one of the reasons he was chosen was he can do a pretty reasonable Jim Lee impression. Some pages looked indistinguishable from Lee’s pencils, which means there was no visual letdown.

So far my biggest gripe with the book is the uninspired code names. Reload, Hunt and Kill are more verbs than aliases.
If that remains the biggest issue, Immortal Men will be just fine.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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