DC Comics reviews for 5/9/18

Wonder Woman #46

wonder woman 46 cover

With the battle against Darkseid behind her, it’s time for some fresh opposition for Wonder Woman. Writer James Robinson has some good ideas in this first chapter of The Dark Gods, which looks like a promising new arc — one that explores some core elements of Diana.

Robinson kicks things off with the return of several of Wonder Woman’s top tier foes and ends with an unexpected opponent. In previous arcs, Robinson hasn’t always properly sold the magnitude of the big moments and took more of a long game approach. This time there’s a much better sense of urgency with Wonder Woman barely having much time to react from one threat to the next.

Stephen Segovia’s art is improving as he’s getting a better handle on how to illustrate Wonder Woman in action. Some of the character work is still a little soft and lacks strong detailing, but the art certainly isn’t a weak point this issue.

Dark Gods has a ton of potential. Based on the issue’s cliffhanger, Robinson has some good ideas in store and this could be one of his strongest arcs yet.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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