Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man figure review

With Toys R Us stores closing rapidly, I’ve taken several ‘last stops’ to my favorite store. On one such run, I was thrilled to get the Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man at a mark down. I’d no interest in the Build A Figure Vulture wing and wasn’t in a mad scramble to get this guy. At TRU though, I couldn’t resist grabbing him. Let’s see if this one is out of this world.

NOTE — This is not my first time writing this review. Apparently when I switched servers, it got eaten. Modern technology. So apologies if this one seems briefer than normal.

Packaging:  This is the same basic black and red color scheme we’ve grown accustomed to with the Marvel Legends line with red accents for the Spider-Man sector. If I paid anywhere close to adequate attention, maybe I would have noticed a major part of this was missing — the Vulture wing piece. Thieves suck. At least I grabbed it and it spares me the trouble of selling off on eBay as opposed to someone who wanted it and the figure. Seriously, if you’re swapping or straight up stealing Build A Figure parts find a cheaper hobby, like sticks and rock collecting.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review -package bio

Cosmic Spider-Man gets the same basic bio as everyone else, which was a little disappointing as this is the kind of variant that warrants some explanation. The side portraits are cool at least.


Likeness:  Hasbro is working hard to provide some extra value for figures beyond just the BAF piece. In this case, we get three alternate head sculpts.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review -cosmic spidey

One of the standard Captain Universe; the second, the Cosmic Spider-Man with sculpted half mask and finally, a Spider-Verse era Peter Parker head sculpt.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review - captain universe head

Given the use of the beefier Spider-Man UK body, the latter is the most appropriate fit. As Cosmic Spider-Man, Peter was still his regular scrawny self. Captain Universe could probably work either way, but of the three, he’s my least favorite due to a lack of connection to that particular look.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review -peter parker heads

I was really impressed with how the Peter head looks like the older, more mature version of the Peter head that came with the Spider-Man and Mary Jane two-pack. That’s commendable consistency within the line.

Scale:  With the larger body, Cosmic Spider-Man is taller than most of your standard Spider-Man figures, which is accurate based on his portrayal in Spider-Verse. He’s about eye to eye with The Punisher figures as well so he’s no shrimp.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review -scale with spider-man uk, spider-man and scarlet spider

Paint:  Sometimes Hasbro will get a little too cute with the white paint jobs and add some shading that kinda misses the point of the attire. That’s not the case here with a brilliant pearlescent white. I love the metallic blue upper portion of the outfit and the white dot patterns. For the most part, there’s not a lot of bleeding through the white, which is always nice with lighter colors.

Each of the head sculpts turned out pretty nicely as well. The line work on the Captain Universe mask is oh so slightly off, but it’s more of a case of trying to find flaws than them being particularly obvious. The Spider-Man head is a smidge off with the mask breakup as well. Peter’s head sculpt was terrific with outstanding work on the beard.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review -captain universe taking off

Articulation:  This Spidey UK body is a lot of fun to pose. The shoulders require some extra attention to maneuver, but otherwise the figure has a very intuitive sense of movement. With the extra heads, I had a lot of fun posing this guy.

Cosmic Spider-Man has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review -fighting onslaught

Accessories:  I’ve talked about them throughout, but it’s a really nice touch for Hasbro to include two additional head sculpts as they essentially make for three different characters. While I doubt I’d get two more figures, it’s nice to have a little display flexibility.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review - accessories in tray

Also, if you’re smarter than me and check your figures for the BAF pieces, add another point if you’re building the Vulture wings. I wouldn’t have been upset about getting some energy blast effects either, but this is a solid amount of options.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review - peter parker with power blast

Worth it?  Toys R Us had this guy for $13. That’s just at my sweet spot for Cosmic Spider-Man, but if I was building the wings, it would be worth more.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

As another addition to the Spider-Verse ranks, this is a welcome figure and the great paintjob and accessories further help seal the deal.

marvel legends cosmic spider-man figure review -spider-verse crew

Where to get it?  Check Target first since they still have this line’s remnants and restocks in some cases. Toys R Us has had them, but their supply is likely dwindling now. You can check out Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

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