DC Comics reviews 5/16/18

Aquaman #36

aquaman 36

I actually booed out loud when I’d reached the last page of this issue. Not because the story had gone horribly off the rails. Nope, this was one of those moments where I was so hooked into the story I wasn’t paying attention to the fact it was almost over.

The Assassination of King Rath was another superb installment of this extended war for the crown arc. I know some folks are ready to for it to end, but Dan Abnett has done a sensational job of not making this feel like a stretched out for the trade story. This has played out like a true epic, the likes we don’t often get in DC Comics and it’s been a heck of a ride.

With Rath’s forces breaking down Aquaman’s allies, Vulko, Dolphin and Ondine might have found a way to save Atlantis. Meanwhile, Aquaman and Murk are taking the fight to Rath, but neither know the true extent of his powers now. Artist Riccardo Federici does a phenomenal job of setting up this encounter with a horror movie style layout. Federici’s artwork has been missed and I’m thrilled he’s back for the next slate of issues.

The only downside is the book tends to come out on a slower release schedule as a result. For this payoff, it’s worth it even if it leads to a longer wait than I’d like for one of my favorite DC titles.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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