DC Comics reviews 5/16/18

Batman #47

batman 47

The Gift wrapped up its three part run this issue on a stronger note than the first two installments. This not high praise, but it’s better than nothing. By the end of this arc, I’m still not convinced writer Tom King had any better sense of Booster Gold as a character and his purpose. Or the purpose of this arc.

King opts for another time jump — this time a year after the last issue. Bruce Wayne is now honing his shooting skills to carry out his vendetta against Batman and Catwoman. King never follows up what became of them, which was surprising since last issue had a memorable cliffhanger. And now he realizes he needs Booster Gold, who’s likely gone crazy, but has one last ace up his sleeve. It feels more like a cheat and a cop out of an already underwhelming arc.

At least Tony Daniel’s art is up to the challenge. I really wish Daniel was able to illustrate a better story as his work is the only reason I’d recommend The Gift. The arc ends on a flat note with more questions that apparently won’t get answered. Easily the best aspect of this story line is that it’s over. Hopefully King gets back on track next issue, which has the promising teaser of The Wedding and The Joker.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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